On my mind

I am blogging from my phone since my computer refuses to cooperate with me haha. That in itself is cool haha! For me at least.

I’m in a funk. Funkity funk funk funk. Haha. I feel foolish and childish. I’ve lost my taste for things that were delicious to me before. I don’t feel like doing anything, buying anything, going anywhere. Except I want to be around people. I don’t know why haha. That makes me sound lonely and depressed. I guess, I guess I miss my friend, Stef. It’s more frustrating than I expected to not be within a phone call’s distance from someone I feel fully comfortable with and understood by.

I feel, for some odd reason, that I am learning something right now but I have no idea what. I don’t think I ever do haha.

I am here. This is all I can say for now.

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