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I’ve been finding it hard to write in here. Part of the reason is that I don’t… feel or think the way I used to. I feel foreign on my own blog. I wonder if people who had related to it before would relate to what I would now want to write. Perhaps I’m thinking too much. Which is why I’m writing this. I’m hoping to channel this blog in another direction.

There have been so many changes in the recent past and I want to reflect those changes here. I feel more grounded in my desires, secured in my place in this world. Today, I’m letting that passion flow into all areas of my life, particularly school, work, career, future. There’s a new drive, pursuit for something greater, bigger, epic-er hahaha. It’s exciting. A new world, a different animal.

If you could join me along this segment of my journey, that would be pretty sweet, whoever you are, if there’s anyone even there. I think you will find that there is nothing constant in my life – except change. Which leads me to what I initially wanted to write about haha.

Never underestimate the inevitability of change.

Nothing remains. When I look back a year, a month, a week ago, I can always always say that today is a different day, a new moment and opportunity. Duh. And this means so much to me – it guides the way I live, think, believe.

When I’m in a confused state, maybe dismayed or down, there’s always tomorrow. Do you know how good it feels to know that nothing lasts? That what was today may not be tomorrow? It empowers me to trudge forward and enjoy the moment. All the crappiness in the world neatly boxed with a bow on top cannot take away my hope for tomorrow, for the impossibility of the unknown.

On the other hand, when things are going well, when I’m moving forward and receiving affirmation from key people in my life and so on, I remember: there is tomorrow. Hahah. From this perspective of knowing that what is today may not be tomorrow, I am humbled. I am reminded of where I come from. This is the fuel for keeping my head in the game, for keeping close to my values and work ethic.

In both cases, I am always empowered and led to work harder than I have before, to pursue the more. There’s no end, after all, there’s always tomorrow.

Edit. Just wanted to add:

Where are you today? What do you want your tomorrow to look like?

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