So TED is having a women’s conference in San Francisco and I want to go. Except you have to apply to attend haha. They ask questions like, “If a friend were to describe your accomplishments in up to three sentences, what would he or she say?” and “In two crystal clear sentences, what is your principal occupation?” Stuff like that.

I don’t know why I want to go. Maybe the idea of being surrounded by women game-changers and world-movers. Maybe getting to see what is out there. I think it would be interesting. I’m hungry to explore.

I’m going to apply. I feel inadequate in certain many all ways hahaha but nevertheless. I kind of just want to see if they would accept me. We shall see. Even if I made it… it costs almost a grand to attend. Whoo-ee. Southwest is having their $49 ticket sale… might want to get on it. If it doesn’t work out with TED, I’d be down for a random trip. The possibilities…

Happy Tuesday.

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