Came across this quote while working. Don’t ask how.


Anyone agree? For too long I lived by the “perfection” in my head. Everything I thought was “perfect” ended up constricting my lungs, compressing my heart, until I couldn’t breathe and live because all I could see and wanted to do was fulfill this “perfection” in real life. This included being skinny, looking pretty, having a great personality (whatever that means haha), having tons of friends, being loved, partying it up, and the list goes on.

Took me many moons to realize: I am my standard. Once I accepted this, I became unstoppable. Haha. I totally sound like I’m tooting my own horn but it is what it is. When I realized I can go as far as I want, that who I am and am evolving to become is way beyond who I want to be, who I think I want to be, all limits became irrelevant.

I leave you with a piece of Pastor Bill Johnson’s wisdom:

For the believer, most closed heavens are between the ears.

Do you want more? Because it’s possible.






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