Take 5

On my daily email readings, I came across this Forbes article on 5 tips for encouraging innovation in the Digital Age. I liked it so here it is.

If you don’t have time or aren’t interested enough to click, here’s two points that I would consider making a part of my life – not just for the purpose of being more innovative but for my general person:

2. Avoid the echo-chamber. To me, that means: be more open with articles that haven’t had as many reads, comments, or likes. It’s easier to search and read the articles that have a track record but it’s an easy way to overlook others that require more of our personal insight and judgment.

3. Skip the summary. Read the article. To me: there is a certain level of depth required to grasp a better understanding or mastery, as the author puts it, of a subject. Without depth, there is no chance of expanding on an idea. I know this because I’ve tried to write papers without really understanding the topic. It is a very painful way to spend the couple days before a paper is due.

Happy Tuesday!

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