The beautiful weather and the thought of having space and quiet invited me outside of the office to eat my lunch. I found a spot to sit at the edge of the parking lot and dug into my salad. If you’re judging me about my choice of nourishment, the old Grace would have judged me too hahah. Let me just say though, Portillo’s Chopped Salad is nothing to scoff at. Comes with chicken, bits of pasta and bacon. Anyway.

I sat there with the sun peeking through the shade and sounds of distant cars passing by. So interesting that there is only one door between two worlds. Anyway.

An employee pulls into the lot from running an errand and rolls down his window –

“Whatcha doing out here?”

“Getting some air haha.”

“… Next to the trash can?!”

And that’s when I realized I had chosen to enjoy my delicious salad next to the industrial trash can area. Hahahahahaaha. Ohhhhh the irony.

Happy Friday yo.

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