I opened up the new post page and stared blankly for six minutes, wandering back and forth through my browser tabs aimlessly. I knew I had some blog ideas to expand on, and share. Except I forgot what they were.

Eventually I moved it to trash and right when I did, a topic popped into existence: Ideas are babies.

You don’t birth a baby and leave him. You clean, swaddle and nurture him. Immediately.

Or you can birth the baby and leave him. And then he’ll just die.

Such a bleak ending to what could have been. That baby could have been the next president. Or on the cover of Forbes or Time. The next Nobel Prize recipient. You just don’t know.

So the lesson I learned was: Birth an idea and then don’t neglect it. How?

Next time I just want to attend to it right away. It’ll take one sec to jot it down somewhere, anywhere (e.g. gum wrapper, post-it, hand, etc.) even when I’m swamped with other work. An idea is a baby, remember? It’s worth that little bit of time.

Then, I can nurture it just by being reminded by my note and mulling it over in between tasks.

A baby won’t take care of himself while you put him on the backburner in hopes of remembering him later. Or maybe your baby is superhuman and changes his own diapers and sterilizes his bottles while installing his carseat. Mine sure aren’t ahaha so I must actively invest a little more time and attention on nurturing creativity and brain activity.

Farewell to my dead offspring. Okay enough of this morbid analogy.

Happy Monday!!

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