I am having the hardest time writing a term paper. It really shouldn’t be that bad. I have 90% of my research down but… no motivation.

I blame my professor. Why? I like writing. I like researching. I like organizing and brainstorming and outlining and… writing.

So I blame the prof.

He is not involved and honestly, a little inexperienced. Maybe a little more than little.

He doesn’t always know what he’s talking about, except when he’s gushing on and on about the million dollar company in Irvine he’s poured his life into. I wish… he could just stick to his consulting job and stay out of the classroom so students can actually learn. Especially since he teaches as a side job, sorta like a hobby. Whoa. That came out harsher than I expected haha.

It’s frustrating to be under someone who does not know what it means to lead, have authority (real authority, not the nominal authority that comes with “Dr.”), and command respect. It’s frustrating to be under someone who appears more insecure and unsure of himself than his students. It’s frustrating to produce quality material for someone who I don’t feel will appreciate nor understand how hard it was to crank that ish out.

Man. I’m surprising myself with how gahhh I feel. It’s just unfair. Life is unfair, I know lol. I just happen to want more from my 16 week course that I pay for in cash, energy, and time.

Anyway. Now that I’ve voiced my complaint, I will now shut my mouth and get back to work.

Happy Tuesday






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