Meet My Insides

I am an ENTP. Well, it’s more like, I have ENTP traits. I feel like I’m meeting myself all over again. Lol.

The personality breakdown is pretty spot on about certain things, and not so spot on about others haha. Which means, in the end, it means nothing. Hahaha. But it’s entertaining nevertheless and there may be some truth.

Here were some things that I found interesting or funny or wrong.

  • ENTPs are usually very direct and honest. They do not really care about being seen as sensitive or compassionate, so their honesty may be quite brutal sometimes. ENTPs say what they think and do not mince their words – furthermore, they dislike people who try to beat around the bush, especially if they are about to ask the ENTP for a favour. Consequently, ENTPs tend to be respected, but not necessarily liked – many people not only tolerate being lied to, they actually hope for and need to hear a lie in certain situations. The society tends to put feelings, sensitivities and comfort above the unpleasant truth – this is likely to frustrate many ENTPs.
    • Preach it.
  • In general, ENTP personalities are very rational and do not see much value in emotions or emotional arguments. Consequently, they are great when it comes to logical thinking, but likely to have difficulties in the emotional area
    • Totally do not agree. But on second thought… I may be wrong about this being wrong.
  • However, the ENTP will still need to rely on other people to put them in place.
    • Very true haha! Sometimes I think I am so amazing but I know I’m really not but I don’t know how not to think like that…
  • ENTPs also tend to be non-conformists and love challenging existing rules and routines, which makes them irreplaceable where there is a need to rip up the existing models and come up with new, original plans.
    • I’d like this is to be true haha.
  • It is also worth mentioning that ENTPs usually prefer dealing with complex ideas and difficult challenges rather than day-to-day concerns. They enjoy thinking big and are good at it…
    • This one too. Although I do think day-to-day details are important too.

(I got alla this from here.)

if you have some time, you can take the test herehere or here.

Try it! It’s an interesting way to understand yourself and how you function. Maybe it’ll save you some grief too, in some ways lol.

Happy Tuesday.

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