One More

This morning I remembered something I read on the ENTP personality page that I liked and made sense (I like to think):

They live in the world of possibilities…

I like that. A lot.

I like the idea that nothing is impossible, which doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing but…

I like the idea that there could be, will be so much more than the here and now. It drives my today. It opens the door to limitless hope and the crazy. The impossible. Haha. I love it. It’s exhilarating in a weird way.

I think it’s an important way to live (believing that I live in a world of possibilities) because even if my future isn’t all that crazy in the end, at least I’m free to live like it is today. At least my today is lived freely and fully, which is enough for me.

I just want everything. I want nothing held back from me, I want to hold nothing back. I just want to see what happens. The possibilities…

Anyway. Happy Wednesday.

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