I love it when I get to hash things out with people. All the pent up energy and feelings are released and in the end, all that’s left to do is get a boba or ice cream cone and enjoy each other’s company.

This is exactly how my conversations with my mom don’t end.

I’m realizing more and more the subtle issues of my heart that end up being not-so-subtle. They end up being cry sessions with no conclusions, venting with no resolution. I walk away more stuffy and frustrated. It’s not a great feeling. You’re not missing out on anything.

I always realize I am so much more broken than I thought. Ugh. I’m so sick of me. Will there ever be a moment where I realize I’m really not as broken as I thought? Hahah.

Where is the end? I give up looking. Because this is where I am. And this is where I will be for the rest of my life if I don’t face… me. So come at me… me. Haha.

Lord, have mercy.


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  1. People who are in a right relationship with their Creator will grow in brokenness and humility until their dying day. (:

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