That Job

*Edit: “Job” is referring to the Job that is a chapter in the Bible, the one that lost everything haha. Not a job that you work at. I realized it’s easy to misunderstand.

Found this chilling in my drafts.


The Lord gives and the Lord takes away.


And indeed, he has taken away. Mmm mm. Nothing to say. Just a simple observation and soaking in of that which I felt he had given, bestowed me. And that which no longer is mine, not even mine to want. The process of acclimating to the condition of not having was an interesting one. Filled with an appropriate amount of bitterness, confusion, even fear.

He took.

And then… he gave. Man, he gave. I mean, he gives. It’s still happening, his giving. I… am speechless. Like if you were floating down a river and tossed through a myriad of rocks and while still broken from the outrageous turbulence, plunged down a glorious waterfall… what would you have left to say?

Hahahah. I am so very dramatic. My blog title should be Dramatic & Hyperbolic.

But really. He gives. And I’m… overwhelmed that what I had resigned to him was returned to me… an ocean. A freaking ocean.

You know what’s crazy? Because he took this something, a thing I had been holding onto, and he gave me something greater than a thing. He presented me with… himself, his presence. Lol. Same story, different day.

That Job was right. The Lord took away everything, all these things like, oh, all his children, livestock, and reputation. And then he gave… an opportunity for complete humility and brokenness, the perfect, the very perfect platform for encounter and knowing. And then Job came UP. All the things God gave “back” don’t even match up to Job’s knowledge of him in the end. That warrants a HOLLA.

I am willing, now more than ever, for his giving and taking, taking and giving, more than my having. That’s a lot of commas. Sigh. I hope I make sense.

That Job.



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