Midnight ramble

Ladies’ Conference is tomorrow/today. Not sure what to expect. Except everything.

Bahaha. How exciting it is, that I’m even able to hope for more… after all that he’s already done and given me.

Quick story.

There were three prophets, U, J, and H.

U went around speaking of the coming doom; they would be held in bondage by another nation.

J went around speaking pretty much the same thing.

H went around speaking about God breaking the bondage and re-establishing his people.

Two of them died because of what they said. One went on to write 27 more chapters.

I don’t know why, but this blows my mind.

1) if U and J spoke the same things, why did one die?

2) if H spoke of redemption and God’s promise, such good things, why’d he die too? In fact, the remaining prophet said it would be a long time before the people would be free, so they might as well camp out in the land and grow some food while they wait.

And 3) why did the one that survived, get to survive?

Lol. Questions questions questions. One answer. So simple, too crazy.

Happy Friday!

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