I got it from my momma

Mother’s day is May 11.

My mom’s birthday is May 19.

I asked my mom if we could combine both in one day (and make it a bigger deal than normal, of course).

She asked if we could postpone her birthday celebration.

To October.

She really wants it all.

Lol. How do you not give it to her?! She’s too cute.

And the title of this entry isn’t referring to the cute part. It’s referring to the she-really-wants-it-all part hahah.






2 responses to “I got it from my momma”

  1. scarredwithstrength Avatar

    Mother’s Day for Mexican culture is Saturday, May 10th. Here in America its on Sunday, May 11th. She’s wanting one celebration after the next. haha. Mother is definitely a special someone. I say postpone your Mom’s birthday until Oct., but on Sunday when you celebrate Mother’s day, make it the best one. She’ll feel as of its a combined celebration of her BD & Mother’s Day, but actually her BD celebration will be the most specialist in Oct.
    I’m sure whatever you plan, she will love.
    -Danna (:

    1. Grace Avatar

      Hahah hope your Mother’s day went and is going well (: Yeah, we’re just keeping it separate but in the same month… a day after she said that, she took it back saying October is too far hahahah. Oh Momma.

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