I’m going to be a new iPhone 6 owner in approximately 2.5 weeks. Maybe 2 *fingers crossed*.

Here’s how my life will change.

– I can download as many apps as I want. My current phone won’t let me download new apps because I have no space.
– I can update my apps. My current phone won’t let me update my app because I have no space. Sometimes I delete photos so I can update an app.
– I can take and save as many pictures as I want.
– I will no longer be uploading grainy unfocused photos on Instagram. That doesn’t mean the quality of the picture-taking skills will improve, however. Baby steps.
– I can join and stay in groupchats. With my current phone, I would receive groupchat messages individually. From each person. In a separate thread.
– Screenshotting will no longer mean closing whatever I want to take a picture of, opening my screenshot app, opening the original app, and screenshotting.
– I will no longer have to answer, “Oh, it’s just an LG, no one has ever heard of it” when asked, “What kind of phone do you have?” The question-asker usually proceeds to pick it up daintily as he or she would a artifact and lay it back down before it crumbles to dust in their hand. The examination usually concludes with, “Nice.” and an expression of anxiety in an attempt to continue the interaction without offending me.
– I will no longer be asked if my phone has picture-taking, emoji-displaying, or internet-browsing capabilities. To name a few.

I’m sure there aspects I’m totally overlooking haha. But at 9:29am on a Sunday, these are the only ones that come to mind. I feel like I’m joining the rest of civilization. I look forward to a new life. I think I’m ready.

Happy Sunday.






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