Parking attendant

Yesterday, I got to get on a boat in Newport and socialize with professionals from one of the world’s largest accounting firms. Dinner was provided (no drinks though… hahah). The moon was huge. The talking was fun. The prizes were cool.

But hands down, the most beautiful, the most memorable moment happened on my way out. I pulled up to the parking attendant’s window. A petite gray-haired Indian woman, about 50 or 60 sat on the seat and asked for my ticket. As we waited for my card to be approved, I asked her how her night was.

She looked at me and said she’s doing well. She continued, in a slight accent and seasoned smile…

“You know, life is hard. It’s hard for everyone, we all go though it. I think it’s my season right now. But, you know what? When I see all you young people out there having a good time, it makes me happy. You guys are like my children, it makes me smile. Life is hard, but I choose to be happy. I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. All I know is right now. And right now, it’s good. I’m going to keep smiling. Seeing you guys out there, I’m satisfied. We are all the same. And I hope to god, that there is a heaven waiting for us. Where we can all be, as brothers and sisters…”

I was mesmerized. Haha. If there wasn’t a truck behind me waiting to leave, I would have stayed a while to talk. I couldn’t stop smiling. It wasn’t that crazy smile I get when I’m SUPER happy and crazy. It was just… such a full, complete moment. The culmination of two human beings on this earth. No other connection except the fact that we feel, laugh, love, and live. I was mesmerized. At that point, it really didn’t matter to me that she didn’t know Jesus. And you can call me heretical, blasphemous, whatever. I just know that God is real and was very present in that moment. We are his children, his creations so carefully and wonderfully formed. And I am satisfied to be able to share in that moment. His name wasn’t mentioned by our lips but by the peace shared, the goodness exchanged.

I think… I’m going to go back to find her. When all this recruiting stuff dies down. I don’t know why but I would like to.

Anyway. I have so much stuff to do. Have an interview tomorrow. Another one on Monday. Tons of stuff to prepare for Barcelona. Homework. Life. Family. Friends. Church. Work.

Jesus. All and everything. Really have nothing else to say.

Happy Thursday.

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