Fact 1

I’m going to try something that someone has been doing on her own blog: fun facts.

Well I’ll just stick with Facts, since I don’t know if they’re necessarily Fun haha. It’s just another way for me to talk about me. I am my favorite subject, as my blog history tells me.

I am a stickler for good grammar. I refrained from using grammar Nazi… it just didn’t feel right haha. Saying it in conversation and typing it out deliberately are two different things haha.

Anyway. I realized it in my business ethics class when our group was reviewing another group’s work and they wrote multiple things that were grammatically off. Sadly, I don’t remember them at all but I remember not being able to hold back my laughter… my groupmates called me out on my meanness hahah. But I really couldn’t help it. And I realized how much good grammar makes an impression on me.

I cringe at the mistakes I make with my own writing here on the blog or for work or for school. I can’t stand it. I don’t know. I pride myself in being able to articulate my thoughts well and correctly. I realize that makes me sound like a snob, and I think that’s why I held back from admitting how much I appreciate proper English. Lol.

But I can’t hide it any longer… If I catch a mistake in your writing, I will probably laugh and cringe, the same way I do my own.

That was a bit of a debbie downer for a first Fact hahaha.

It’s a beautiful day. Happy Saturday.

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