Fact 2

I run.

I’m not fast, I don’t run long distances.

I don’t time myself, or keep track of mileage.

I just run.

It’s just what I do. Sometimes to deal with ish I don’t know how else to deal with. Sometimes because I wake up and I do. Sometimes because I ate too much last night. Sometimes because because. Haha.

It’s my place, the thing I do. It’s definitely spiritual for me. A place for just me, my thoughts, and my God. I don’t go looking for him or anything. I just go. Because it’s what I do.

And most definitely, he always finds me. It’s like going on a date with Jesus. A free date with the most expensive lover in the world. Just me and him and the road – or sidewalk. Hahaha.

When I run, I lose myself. I lose it all, because when you’re struggling just to breathe, there’s not much else you want to hold onto. There’s not much to hold onto. In the end, I return to the same driveway, the same house, the same family, the same life… changed. A different Grace, a crazier Grace, a less crazy Grace. I come back calmer or more excited. I come back many things but never the same. Because I know when I go for that run, he meets me. It’s just what I do. It’s just what we do.

Happy Saturday.






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