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There is one email subscription list I never ever ever delete without opening. Not Madewell, not Groupon, not Huffington Post.

It’s this guy, James Altucher. I found him while browsing through Quora and I just really really like him and what he’s about. He writes about productivity, parenting, success, failures (lots of failures)… basically LIFE. And I’m so captivated and intrigued by this guy that writes his heart.

And I think I really just admire the way he does it unapologetically. He’s just really cool. Really raw. His stuff isn’t revolutionary… but I feel like his content can inspire one. I don’t know. I like how he’s not about flash, or crazy ideas. It’s just simple stuff, one day at a time, one thing at a time, just doing… life.

And it’s crazy because he’s so successful, which makes him so credible. I don’t know. I will probably one day write to him.

But for now, check him out. He’s definitely not for everyone, but I think it’s worth sharing for the one person out there that might see this and click with it.

Happy Thursday!

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