Fact 3

I like meeting new people. It doesn’t bother me to make the first comment, the first hello, the first whatever. I think people are amazing and they’re always worth the risk of rejection or shutdown. And it usually doesn’t end in rejection. Because people like people, whether they are introverted, extroverted, hurt, or whole. At least that’s what I think… hahaha. What if I’m wrong, and the people I talk to are actually so unhappy to talk to me? Hahaha!!

Even people who look unhappy to begin with open up and loosen the stoicism from a stranger’s smile or bypassing comment. People are amazing, we have the tendency and ability to do that to others.

I don’t think there is anyone I wouldn’t want to talk to. There are indeed people I would care less to talk to, not in a negative way, but more of a disinterested way, but in general, I would love to meet and chat with everyone. The possibility of what is behind the facade of each person amazes me. To me, it’s another world in there, another universe to be discovered, or just tapped into. I would never pass up an opportunity to learn more, glean from the other’s experiences and thoughts and whatnot. That exchange is amazing and beautiful to me.

I think everyone in this whole world…. is a friend. I just haven’t met the rest of the 7 billion… one person at a time, yknow? Hahaha.

And when I say they become a friend, I really do mean it. I kind of shied away from sharing this but… usually when I meet someone and we connect, I don’t want to leave that space and time with just a memory or sensation of that meeting. I always like exchanging some form of contact information, which usually includes phone numbers or emails. Even if we never see each other or talk again, it’s nice to know that friendship or whatever was formed in that short time has the possibility to continue. It’s not that I follow up with every single person or vice versa, but as a human being, I like the idea of being connected.

People make me happy. That is my fact for today.

Happy Saturday.

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