The second week

Already it is my second week. And only it is my second week.

I’m learning.

I really need to slow down. I rush everything, like getting ready, walking places, eating – especially eating, talking… I realized this when I peeled and ate an orange standing up within a few minutes and my host dad commented on it. He gave me the basics of sitting down and actually enjoying food. I thought I did enjoy it, but I realized… I eat on a schedule lol. I eat like I have a deadline. Or more like I’m not going to make the deadline. Lol. I would really love to just slow… down. And enjoy the moment. I keep forgetting though.

Another thing is to not assume anything. Living here, I feel like I’m living in another’s home. I don’t fully belong here, and I know it’s apparent in my dress, demeanor, everything lol. It makes me a little cautious. I tread a little lighter and speak a little softer. I’m a little more hesitant to be the loud outspoken girl from California, although there are times I can’t help it, like when we made it to the top of Montserrat and when good music was pouring through the speakers of a candy shop, and my friend and I danced in the store. Anyway, I think I’ve said it before, but it’s a humbling experience, to really be a stranger to the land, to pick up the culture by trial and error. It requires a lot of not knowing and accepting that it is what it is. No assumptions.

I’ve booked my first flights for weekend trips!! The first is to Istanbul the last weekend of January and the second is to London the weekend after. This is crazy. This is my first time ever. Besides booking the flight here of course hahha. I am supremely excited as well as a little nervous haha. It’s a big big world out there. I love it. So much to be explored, felt, seen, touched. So many people to meet and encounter. It’s a beautiful thing.

I’m grateful everyday for my everyday. I get to be here. Being back home and going to school is cool too and I can be grateful there, no problem. But I’m here. I’m here! Hahaha I really do enjoy it. I really do love the possibilities and opportunities. I like getting lost, getting found (with the help of CityMapper, thank the good Lord), trying to get through the city with my Spanish… The only thing is, I need to get my butt out of the house at night. I know my energy reserves aren’t what they used to be, so I try to get enough rest for the next day… which means I don’t go out as often. Plus, I want to write and alla that. But I’m in Barcelona… Hahaha. We’ll make it work.

So, it’s been good. Just one thing, though. There’s this guy back home. Yeah. Hahaha. It’s been good.

I end with this unreal view from Montserrat:


Happy Wednesday!






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