Exploring Girona

I had an amazing weekend.

Our program group went to Girona and Figueres (north of Barcelona) for the day and six of us banded together and stayed in Girona for the night. We stayed at a pretty cool hostel (hot showers and free breakfast!), which I really liked since it was my first time. We paid 12 euros each. Nice. Friday night we wandered the streets in search of food and came across a worthy establishment with plates upon plates upon plates ready for their 7 o’clock opening.


It was an interesting concept. You can choose however many and whatever you want. After you’re done, you pay per toothpick, which means they all cost the same. Leaves a lot of room for people to throw away toothpicks and falsify the record of their meal. But we were honest. Honest. It was nice to just be able to get up and pick up something without ordering it or ordering it without knowing what it looks like. Cool experience.

Tapas 1 Girona
This was interesting. I think the white stuff was raw fish. Or at least it tasted like it haha. I liked it. Sushi, Catalonia-style.
Tapas 2 Giron
Red meat with tuna-like texture hahah. I liked.

Then we picked up some wine to tide us over for the night as good broke college students and played Headsup in our room until we were ready to explore again. We hit up a jazz bar. The only downside about it was paying the 5 euro entrance fee and being required to order a drink. Regardless, good vibes, great music, and good company. We were stuck in a corner where we weren’t able to see the band play but the amazing thing about sound is that it travels haha. And the singer was oh-so-good. Not being able to understand her comments in between songs was okay; we picked up that she was having fun and as was the crowd.

We left pretty early and of course, we picked up some last minute munchies at a pizza joint. It was quite possibly the best pizza I’d ever eaten. And I was quite possibly buzzed and hungry for anything haha. We got back to the hostel and knocked out. The beds were super comfortable and soft and didn’t make noise every time we shifted. On point.

Morning found us packing and heading down for breakfast, the standard toast, cereal, crackers, milk, coffee. There was black coffee!!! I don’t think I was ever happier for black coffee than that moment. And I definitely took more than my fair share of crackers and oranges for the day haha. Then we headed out to explore the city a little more.

It was especially cool because they had a small festival going on that Saturday so we got to walk around and look at all the vendors (fresh churros! samples!). Definitely a cool weekend to be there.

Breads just chilling on a table.
It looks flawless.

Basically, this Friday and Saturday is summed up with this: I had a blast with these human beings. In the back we have Spencer, half of the duo called the Trafalgar Boys. He’s an interesting fellow. Then from left to right, we have Abigail, who sort of has a southern accent, is super sweet, and has a Fitbit watch that told us we walked 6.4 miles on Saturday. Then there’s Savannah, a gutsy girl who likes to climb rocks that are hard to get down from. Then we have Megan, who is pretty much my soulmate of this entire trip from day one ahah. And lastly, Jake (not short for Jacob), who is the other half of the Trafalgar Boys and who is also an interesting fellow. And that’s us haha. Good times. Very good times.

Explorers Girona

And now I leave you with this. Happy Sunday.

Houses on river Girona



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    wow!!!! love it!!! Everything! just so beautiful!

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