So there’s this guy.

Let’s be upfront and honest. I’ve known this guy for… almost two months. We’ve been in the same country for about 2.5 weeks of these two months. I think… we’ve hung out or talked or texted or Skyped every single day since we met. No, I know we have. He’s become a daily and natural part of my life. I don’t think twice about hitting him up, texting at odd times (my 12pm is his 3am), bothering him with stupid questions, etc. He’s like a brother, a friend… And then so much more. Hahaha.

Two months is nothing. It’s laughable. And my relationship history is pathetic. I cringe to admit that during my 25 years of life on this earth, I haven’t had a real serious relationship. Man… that sounds so sad. Hahaha.

Don’t feel bad for me just yet. These past almost two months have been pretty amazing, which is a total understatement. He’s the person I want to keep talking to even when I know I have two midterms and a presentation the next day. The person I want to share my experiences with and send pictures of my conquests here in Barcelona and Europe. He’s quickly become my confidante and go-to person I tag in food posts on Instagram. Yeah, it’s that serious. Hahah.

Is this infatuation? Perhaps. Foolishness? Maybe. But one thing I know for certain, I can’t deny the happiness. Lol. Sounds extremely cheesy. But you know it’s real if I say it. Because I hate cheese.

I can’t deny the security I’ve become familiar with, nor the way we get along, the way he makes me laugh, although I don’t know how valid that point is, since I laugh at everything… Regardless, I can’t deny that regardless of my lack of experience and foresight of how it’s all going to end up, I want to be here.

He’s done something for me, yet I don’t know what it is. And it’s not necessarily intentional, it’s just something about him that makes it work. He’s accepted me for me. Hahaha. So simple and almost naive, right? Like I’m falling for someone because I feel affirmed. Perhaps. But even beyond that, there’s something there. I’m willing to be accepted by him, I’m willing to open up. I can’t explain what it is and I don’t want to. I just want to be here, enjoy the ride.

Life was good single. I loved it. I really did. Jja jjang myun on Valentine’s Day was always delicious, I wasn’t bothered watching couples post their anniversaries and whatnot. I was absolutely okay with the idea of being single for a long time too; in fact, I planned my life around it. It was full in its own way haha.

But now, life is superb just by knowing this human being, having him in my life. I can’t physically be next to him, go places with him, eat with him right now, but the simple knowledge that there is someone on this planet, out of 7 billion people, that I specifically want to be next to and that wants the same is a pretty good feeling. A kickass place to be.

I feel a little vulnerable sharing this but uh, considering all things, I wanted to acknowledge it in my little corner of cyberspace. So yes. Hi James. Hahaha.

It’s gonna be faaaaantastic.

Happy Wednesday.

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