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I walked out of class with nothing on my mind and everything on my mind. I don’t get it either haha. Maybe it was the three classes I had today, the last of which I was 97% checked out, except when he called roll. Maybe it was the thought of planning for trips which mean agonizing over flight and hostel prices. I know, horrible, right? Maybe it was the upcoming exams and papers. Maybe maybe maybe. But eh, what could I do about those things? Nothing, not while I’m walking down the street chomping on trail mix in sunny 60 degree weather (hallelujah y’all).

About 8 minutes from my apartment complex, I walked past a man. Well, I walked past many men and many women also. But about 4 feet away, he smiled. No, not a creepy smile, although it could easily be seen like that. I didn’t feel leered at or anything. Plus, I’m looked pretty janky with my boyish shoes, jeans, oversized hoodie, and rather unfashionably slung scarf. He just smiled. And I did what I love doing. I smiled back.

I don’t know what it was, but that made my day. God, I’m so easy. A simple gesture, a human exchange in a moment’s passing. In a big city like Barcelona, everyone goes about their own way, minding their own business. The service at restaurants and stores is a bit cold, as I hear it usually is toward Americans. I may be wrong but it is what it is and it’s fine.

It was such a nice moment. Hahaha am I weird? I’m okay with that though. I pretty much smiled all the way home. And even if I had mistaken his smile and overestimated its wholesomeness, I’m okay with it. It really centered me for some reason. It reminded me the day is beautiful and I’m alive and human and one of many like me in this world.

Anyway. I just wanted to say that. I still haven’t posted anything about London and Madrid and south of France but I had to post this hahah.

Here’s some randomness:

– I have about 2 months left in Europe. Surreal. Planning on visiting Morocco, Portugal, Germany, Greece, and Italy. Perhaps a couple other places too. We shall see. Besides that, I must really make bigger efforts to go out to intercambios (language exchanges) where study abroad and native students practice their foreign language skills.

– I have some friends that I hope I will know forever. That is a lovely feeling.

– My passport has arrived.

– Shoutout to T-Mobile for redeeming its service back home while I’m abroad. Seriously. I paid nothing extra for unlimited texting and unlimited high-speed data. And I guess for $.20/minute calling. Holla. With Google maps and Citymapper at hand, I’m pretty much a Barcelonian. Except I’m not.

– I just read this from my program’s Wordpress blog:

Even if you think you’re going the wrong way, keep moving forward…

Yes, I’m that nerd that subscribed and occasionally opens blog updates in my email inbox. I’m glad I did this time. I like this. I don’t know why. Maybe I feel like I’m going the wrong way… without knowing it haha.

Anyway. It’s Monday. Whoohoo. Hahaha.

Love from Barcelona

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