Thought this was beautiful.

Memories Happen Without Warning

It is quite amazing how I do not sleep until 3 am every single day. It has just become a habit that I dont know how to change. I have tried many attempts to go to sleep early at like 11pm and wont be able to sleep until 3 or 4 in the morning. It is awful what the mind can do to you and prevent you from rest even if your body is tired. Well its 3:06 am right now and I am still up, so whyyyyyy not do something instead of just twist and turn in my bed trying to sleep.

So I have been going swing dancing for about 2 months now. Every Sunday I go to their beginners lesson at 6pm and re-learn the basics every single week. I always go back to the beginners class even though I already know the steps. I keep going…

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I'm here to be me because I think I'm pretty cool. Walk with me as I explore myself, the world, and everything in between. I also curse a lot.

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