Loved this.

paper is more patient than man

I don’t believe that truth is relative. But I believe that nothing really makes sense until it becomes your truth…until it speaks to your soul. “Your truth” meaning that you take responsibility for it. It’s yours. Nobody can coerce you into seeing your truth because it’s really only for you to own up to in your own timing. People will tell you what they see is the truth because they love you, but it’s not YOURS until your soul feels how raw and moving that truth is. Then you respond based on that revelation of truth. What do you do next? Cause real truth will propel you in the direction of love rather than fear. Anything else is just truth in disguise. It’s a counterfeit.

Sometimes the response requires painful change. A rearranging, reevaluating, revealing process that takes you through fire. But only truth can bring you to that place…

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