Homeboy can write. Proud that he’s able to think and feel and articulate. Of course, I taught him everything so I shouldn’t be so surprised.

Love you brother. Keep writing. And don’t forget me to mention me often.


I left my church, which I have went to for practically my entire life because I didn’t fit in. People were so different from me and I felt left out. And thats not what “home” should feel like. It grew harder and harder to go, dragging myself out every Sunday, going to a place I didn’t enjoy going to, which was ironic because church was a place where you rejoiced and praise God for the things he’s done. I felt I had no one. I felt like that one background person who just sticks around in the group but is never really in it. It’s painful. Not only difficult, but painful. Just recently, I went to a church prom event for one of my friends and mind you, I consider myself as a Christian and the place I went to was Catholic. I went there and I felt so accepted…

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