2015. What a year, and it’s just July.

Four months abroad behind me, currently halfway through a full-time (paid) internship, and my last semester of undergrad (finally) on deck.

Not to mention James.

I can definitely say he drives me crazy, and not always in the fuzzy butterfly way. No siree. But then I drive him nuts as well. I don’t understand why he doesn’t understand why I feel the way I feel. And I don’t understand why I don’t understand the way he thinks. It’s a mystery, a giant maze best undertaken hand-in-hand, enjoying the sun, the greenery, and the other. The end, if there exists such a thing, will come and it’s probably not as great or as fun as the journey.

Anyway. I’m trying to learn to program. I’m fascinated with the idea of being able to create something (and be compensated well for it). There are a billion resources, free and not free. It’s quite amazing. I’m not sure where this is taking me, or where I’m taking it, but why not?

I leave this entry with a quote,

“He who does not risk, cannot win.”

– El Chapo’s son

Happy Tuesday!






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