For the past three weeks I’ve been commuting to Rancho Cucamonga Monday through Thursday. That’s a quick appearance on the 5 south, a sometimes morale-crippling struggle on the 91 east, an easy transition to the smooth flowing 57 north, an 80mph run on the 60 east, and an abrupt squeeze through the 15 north. That adds up to about an hour one way, roughly.

Yesterday morning I headed out to face my first (of two) lovely hour of mandatory me-time. But before I headed out to the big street, I remembered I wanted to charge my iPhone since I had connected it to the charger last night without realizing the damn thing wasn’t plugged in. The thing was, my charger (the one I take around) was in my backpack, which was in the trunk. Normally I would have shrugged and charged it at work. But not today. I made the executive decision to pull over and get my battery situation sorted out.

I popped open the trunk to behold an empty abyss… and it dawned on me that I had cleared it out the night before.

Okay, so maybe it’s not such a great big deal as I’m making it but what would have happened if I had pulled into the parking lot in Rancho Cucamonga with an empty trunk?

1. Immediate intense frustration

2. Go in and explain to associates that I left the company computer and materials at home and look really responsible

3. Leave the parking lot I had driven an hour to get to and backtrack the journey… and then come back

4. Double the gas = double the cha-ching

5. Spend an extra (almost) 2 hours and then leave later at the end of the day to make up time

6. Continued frustration

Needless to say, I turned around real quick, picked up my backpack, and made it to Rancho in good time.

Moral of the story? Sometimes good things do happen for no reason. Lol. I feel so cheesy saying this but sometimes the crappy things in life seem really crappy and seem to happen often – more than not at times. But sometimes things work out, and do I feel the same amount of satisfaction and gratitude in those moments as the amount of annoyance felt in the less wonderful moments?

I’m not sure why this little incident affected me the way it did, enough to write about it haha but if I had checked to see if my wall charger was plugged in the night before, things might have turned very differently yesterday. It’s nice that it didn’t have to. I’m just rambling now.

I leave you with this:

Happy Thursday!! Haha!






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