The past few months have been a whirlwind of things. Ok not really but I just want to sound like I’m super busy, too busy to keep up this blog. Such a lie. Haha.

Anyway, here are a few things on my mind.

  • I met someone I want to mentor/coach me. She is pretty amazing and what I love the most is how crazy she is. Wherever she goes, it’s a no-bullshit zone. I guess, it’s more like she’s a no-bullshit zone. She does what she wants to get where she wants to do what she wants and have what she wants. Who wouldn’t want to learn from someone like that? I sent her a long email telling her I thought she was cool. When I clicked “Send”, I thought to myself that there were two ways this could go. She would think I’m too crazy and distance herself. Or she would think I’m crazy enough and not mind associating herself with me. Thankfully, her first sentence was, “Crazy is my specialty”. And her last was, “Best email ever!” What  more can I ask for?
  • I received a full-time offer at the firm to start next year. For a moment which lasted about a week, I began to wonder if I was closing myself off to other opportunities to try different things. I didn’t have experience in different fields, didn’t know if this was for me 100%, blah blah blah. But then I came to, and remembered how hard, how hard I had worked to get the internship. It was like another job. All the panels, events, networking, interviews, all while juggling a full load and a part time job. I remembered how I had thought to myself, there is no way in hell I’m leaving college without a job opportunity. And I had gotten it. And then some. Grant Thornton is a pretty sweet place to be. From the time I’ve spent here, I know this is a place I can grow technically (skill-wise), professionally, and personally. And getting paid on top of that, not bad at all I would say. There’s more to this but it’s not all cohesive enough for me to process and write down so I won’t try because I’m hungry. All in all, I’m happy, thankful, and excited. Holla.
  • I’m starting to find what I’m naturally interested in. I don’t want to talk about it with anyone just yet because I’m a pansy. But I think one of my classes this semester will help me get a clearer view and understanding. So that’s good.
  • James (the boyfriend) and I are doing stellar. Not stellar because we don’t have problems and go through crap. But stellar because I think we’re learning and growing and evolving. We are definitely not without our ups and downs, awkward car rides after awkward conversations, feelings of annoyance, doubt, frustration, etc. But there’s something there for me, that says it’s worth it. I truly have no idea where we will be a year from now but today, it’s worth it. And today I give my 100%. I used to worry a lot about where this was going, whether it was going the “right way” (lol), etc. I wondered if this was all a mistake. Lol. I am SO DRAMATIC. And I think a lot. But I realized, nobody jumps off a plane with a parachute strapped to his back and knows 100% it’s going to pull through. Seriously. Nobody knows. If I’m to find out if my parachute will open, I need to jump off and see for myself. I can watch others do it, see how their parachutes work, if they do at all haha but it doesn’t tell me what my parachute decides to do. Does anyone in the world get what I’m saying? Lolll. Anyway. Basically, enough contemplating, mulling worrying. I’ve done enough and any more of it would hurt rather than help at this point. (I know the whole parachute thing sounds crazy haha but I’m not just haphazardly approaching the thing either, for all those level-headed better-safer-than-sorry people.)

And, that is all. Well there’s more. But I have to do homework.

Happy Sunday!






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