People who know me from high school ask me if I still run today – yes. Definitely not as much as before; I don’t have a coach and 2 team captains to answer to and there are no weekly league meets or PRs to break.

I run for myself. It gives me time to start the day in my own thoughts and sweat.

I’ve always wanted to do a half marathon. But do you know how much those cost?!?! Perhaps later in my life, when I have money to burn, I will try one out. Maybe do a full one after that. Who knows.

I think it’s stupid that I don’t do a half because of finances. So I want to do my own lol. There will no be swag given out the day before, no crowds cheering me on, no camaraderie with fellow sufferers – I mean, runners.

So I did a little research on Google maps: from my house to Seal Beach is a distance of 11.6 miles. Close enough lol. I’ve set the date to December 23, 2015 to execute my pseudo-half-marathon. Don’t ask how I got that date. It popped up in my mind. I might regret it later since it’s so close to Christmas but for now, I think it’ll be okay.

I’m currently on a workout regimen with free days Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Those will be my running days. I decided to start off 4 miles at a time totaling 12 miles this week (although I’m not too sure I’ll come through Sunday as it’s the day after Halloween). The next week will be a combination of 4 and 5 miles, and the week after, straight 5 miles. The week after that, a combination of 5 and 6 miles. Still working out the details as you can see lol.

I have no idea if I can actually stick with this. I really would love to. I might have to tailor the “plan” as I go. But we’ll see.

Oh, and for those who have thought far enough to wonder how the heck I’m going to get back from Seal Beach after I die, my friend, Stefanie will meet me there by car to drop me off at the hospital. Just kidding. Jeez, so dramatic lol. We’ll grab a beer and eat some Mexican food and call it  a day.

I’ll update when I can, if there’s anything to update lol. I wrote this idea here for accountability sake. Don’t judge me if this post disappears next week.

Happy Wednesday!

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