My journal opened to a random page today as I skimmed to my last entry. The words caught my eye:

Don’t get stuck on a sentence.

There’s a chapter and story waiting to unfold.

Yasssssss. It’s not that I want to overlook or ignore the existence of that sentence and whatever it is I’m going through. I just need to read it, digest it, and keep moving along so that it can be a part of the whole story. Everything works out in the end.

And it’s exciting to see how it’s going to  get processed within the happenings of the near future (the chapter) and build into the person I’m gonna be (the story). Okay maybe not super exciting lol but coming from a place where there didn’t seem to be much to look forward to, being interested in the next line, paragraph, and page is a gift in itself.

So, an encouragement to myself – you got this and don’t stop. Hahaha.

Happy Tuesday!

Edit: The words were from a message/sermon I heard, not my own. I can’t remember where I heard it.






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