Earphones and people

Torture is forgetting your earphones in the car when going in to work. So close yet so far. Maybe torture is the wrong word. But time takes it extra slow when I don’t have the option to dance in my cubicle.

For as long as I live, may I never forget it in my car again.

So anyway. Super great transition here.

Life is crazy.

My favorite thing is encounters – all unexpected, even when the meeting is planned. Whether I’m at Starbucks and someone starts up a conversation over my textbook (“Strategic Management” lol. What does that even mean?). Or a smile opens the door to a “hello” and contact info is exchanged. Or someone whose number I’d lost 2 years ago shows up in my inbox and it ends in coffee and good vibes.

It doesn’t matter who or where or how or when. I think I heard this somewhere but in my mind, everyone is a friend – I’ve just yet to meet them. To some it may sound dangerous. To others, foolish. To still others, unnecessary.

To me, it’s something I choose to pay attention to in this life. There is so much to see and learn and experience. Meeting a person and engaging him/her in whatever topic comes up, whether it’s difference or similarity, is entering another world, just for a moment. It’s irresistible to me.

The ability to connect is amazing. It’s a gift.

Happy Monday!

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I'm here to be me because I think I'm pretty cool. Walk with me as I explore myself, the world, and everything in between. I also curse a lot.

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