The busier I get, the better I get at getting shit done. It’s a super sweet thing to see. In the same amount of time I would normally get through a paper, I can get through a paper (done properly), write a blog, study half a chapter for class, read a chapter for leisure, and get work-work done. And I could get it all done in 75% less stress than I did before. The math is amazingly incomprehensible. All it takes is mindfulness, a desire to do things right and well, and resources that help manage it all (e.g. Pomodoro timer).

So easy, right? Only took me 26 years. Good job Grace, great learning curve.

Also, I learned that my approach to the day matters. I used to get through each day like I was letting things happen to me. But now, I see how much power I have in making things happen – the way I want them to. It doesn’t always work; there’s always the unexpected car troubles, family obligations, and so on. But I have a huge say in how they affect me. I’ve learned that each day is a gift and I can approach it in a way that maximizes it. Or I can let it sit in the corner, gathering dust with all the other days past that I’d neglected to take ownership of.

Everyone has 24 hours. With those 24 hours:

Am I happy doing what I do? How is it affecting the next 24 hours? How is it affecting the many 24 hours later? Am I allocating it in a way that makes sense to me emotionally, mentally, relationally?

I really like what I heard in a sermon by Robert Madu several months back:

Every day is a gift from God. What you do with the day is a gift to him.

Anyway, back to my paper.

Happy Wednesday and Thanksgiving Eve!



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