I’m a brat

Someone I don’t particularly look forward to running into flagged me down while on my way to the restroom at a coffee shop. We talked a bit and he said he wanted to encourage me with Bible verses and such. Sure.

I don’t remember too much but one thing stuck and I’m keeping it.

“You are the way you are, the way he created you.”

I actually really need to hear that. Not that I forget, but it’s a release to hear someone else say and believe that about me. Even if he is just saying whatever he can think of to fill the space… actually, it probably means even more that he was just saying what he could put together in that moment. And even if he doesn’t know everything that’s going on in my life and mind – it only speaks to the fact that truths are truths regardless of situation and circumstance and even full knowledge.

I am me, the way I’m created. Haha.

If you’re reading this, forgive me for being a jerk. And thank you for your words and thoughtfulness. I am humbled.

Happy Sunday.

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