My brain is swimming in case studies, definitions, strategies… I’ve got 3.5 hours left until the last final of undergrad. 3.5 hours until the past eight, yes eight years come to a rather anti-climactic close. I won’t be walking (at least not until May 2016), I won’t be having a party, I won’t be doing anything different really, except not register for classes next spring. Life goes on hahah. So dramatic.

Someone asked me if I’m going to miss CSUF. If I’m going to miss school. My answer is a firm No. Not just considering the length of time I’ve extended my college career, but I feel like I fully enjoyed it with what I had. I enjoyed connecting with professors, with classmates, learning, working on projects, etc. I enjoyed walking through campus and finding the best spot in the library to work. Yes, I sound like a nerd. I really did enjoy it. And now that it’s time to say bye… Bye! Lol.

College has been such a journey for me. Well, it has to, right? It took twice as much time as it did my peers. It better have taken me somewhere lol. It was during this time I learned who I was and who I am. It wasn’t necessarily the classes, lectures, or office hours, per se. But the time period of being in college has been interesting. Here, I learned work ethic, discipline (just the minimum haha), how to ask for help (raise your hand and stop being so damn shy), how to write a good paper (talk to the professor first thing), and scrambling for good parking spots a mile away from campus. I learned grit and the excitement of connecting with a like-minded soul. I learned… a lot.

I feel ready. Honestly, it’s not that big a transition – no, it is. As I start full-time at the accounting firm, life will turn and I’ll have to adjust to a new set of rules, schedule, way of thinking. I welcome it. I have a fire in my belly, partly because I feel like I want to make up for “lost time”. But I’m in it to win. Not win in the sense of beating everyone. Win as in provide excellence in every way, at work and outside of work. I want to invest even more in myself with a new artillery of resources. I want to go far as this heart, mind, and those around me will take me. I want to surround myself even more with legit people, people who are interested in the bigger picture, passionate, ambitious, hungry to do something good. I think that’s also something different about college and post-college. College people can be so elementary at times. Side story: I had a group project with this one guy that did his paper and presentation the day before they were due when we had agreed to start working on it four weeks back. No communication and responses pretty much leading up to the day before. He did get the work done but if I were to ever choose a team, I would definitely not want him on mine. And he talks a lot and about 86% of his content provides 0 value. Anyway, end of side story.

A new chapter. Bring it. I’m still feeling my way around, still learning about myself. I’m growing, developing. And things are becoming clearer. Just little things here and there but I know I need those little things.

I’m kind of excited. Just a little. And then there’s the Korea trip in March. Kind of excited about that. I’m making a list of things to do, things I want to see. Solo travel and visiting the DMZ are on the agenda. Also, have you seen the posts on food_korea’s Instagram account? I can’t even. Anyway.

Long post. This is what happens when there’s a final, now 3.15 hours away. Life is good. Let’s keep going.

Happy Thursday.







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