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It’s 1:57am. I just got home, showered, and am now in my pajamas. But instead of crawling into bed, I want to document this day. It was a good day. Correction – a really good day.

I did some work in the morning at home until the power went out and since my work laptop has an outstanding battery life of 24 minutes, I changed, packed up, and headed to my new favorite cafe. I set up shop there and worked and studied until 5, when I met up my former professor for dinner. We had a good conversation and then I left for the last final… of my undergrad.

I had stressed about this for a while, which caused me to start studying a few weeks back. Which is a few weeks earlier than I would have started studying. Anyway, I was worried because I wasn’t too sure about my preparation for 4 of the 11 essay prompts he had provided us, 2 of which would be on the exam. But I knew if I didn’t know it by then, then I’m not going to know. It’s just the way life is, yaknow? Lol. I was just hoping and praying and about to sacrifice a baby that he would pick #4 (I had done a good amount of research and review), #2 (he had mentioned this topic multiple times over the semester, which made me think he thought it was important so I focused on it), or #6 (closely related to #2).

Anyway, on my way to class, I get a message from someone saying they like my writing/blog. Day made. Done. I should just go home and call it a day. But the adult side of me kindly and gently reminds me… get your ass in class.

So I go into class and everyone is tense lol. Seriously. Not to sound like I’m the cool kid that breezes through the exam and is a secret genius (which we all clearly know I’m not given my worrying and stressing), but I was pretty chill. Nothing we could do about it now, right? We’ll just have to see how much of our studying was legit. He passes out the exam… and… the two essay prompts… #2… and #4. HOLLA. That’s what I’m talking about. Bahahah. Yes, I am that lame. I spend almost two hours cranking it out and write professor a little note of thanks at the end. I turn it in, check my project grade, and peace out meet a friend. On the way to my car I post an Instagram telling the world I’m a free woman. Because I feel free. And oh-so-giddy.

I’m late but friend is cool and we grab a drink in Newport. We walk the pier to get some air and… we see seals. I am so amazed. Seriously. There were about three. Or it could have been the same one since we didn’t see all three at the same time lol. I don’t know. But it was almost magical. So unexpected. Watching the seal(s) gliding through the water, straight chilling. Not a care in the world in that freezing water. Beautiful.

When I got home, I checked my Instagram and was seriously so grateful to have such supportive people in my life. People I haven’t talked to in a long while. Maybe I’m just a little too sensitive – lots of good things happening right now guys – but I have much to be grateful for, one of them being surrounded by good people. It means a lot. And it was especially nice to hear from someone I hadn’t heard from in a while. Reminded me life is good and life is crazy and am I willing to let it take me on a ride.

So there’s my goodass day. And then to top it off, two posts in 24 hours? Mwah. I’m victorious. Lol.

I’m a free woman!!!!!!!!!! Still holding my breath until that eight year old diploma gets in my hands. A friend told me though, skepticism keeps the mind sharp and humors flowing. So I guess it’s a good thing. Another victory. Loll.

Time is 2:30am. Cannot wait to see what today is gonna be about. Probably the beach and reading and maybe some writing. And definitely… not studying.

Happy… Friday.

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