6 update

So yesterday was the day.

Not gonna lie, I really questioned whether I could do it. I mean, I felt like I could finish the 6 regardless of anything; the question was, would I die trying? Lol.

The answer is, a pleasant no. I don’t usually do this but I allowed for accompaniment on this run, a guy I had met on Tinder (yes, I’m on Tinder). It was random, kinda just happened like that. It was interesting, to say the least.

First, I run alone. I haven’t run with anyone in years. I’m possessive of the sidewalk, my running space – I feel like I’ve made that pretty evident in that way I describe how I feel about running.

Second, we had never met before. As we started jogging toward the street, I felt the desire to start conversation since the purpose of meeting up is to talk and share and whatnot. But I quickly realized, we’re running, Grace, it’s okay to shut your mouth and just run. It’s mutually understood that we’re going to try to get out this alive and not die from keeping pace and conversation. It was a very interesting experience. I then consciously allowed myself to slip into my normal rhythm and space, and when I did, it was almost incredible how easy it felt. I had been doing this for years and at that moment, the only difference was, there was another human next to me – not too far from the feeling I got from cross country in high school.

It’s very interesting to be doing an activity without talking with someone I barely know. I don’t know. I can’t explain it. I think it’s something everyone should experience. That it’s possible to be around a new person and not talk and not feel awkward in the least.

Anyway, there was a pro and con of not running solo:

Pro: Moral support. It really didn’t feel like 6 miles, which I had envisioned would involve sore sore legs and failing lungs. At one point, I calculated and recalculated how much we had left because it felt like time passed quickly and my body wasn’t feeling the pain I had expected. I attribute it to the fact that I had a companion that was sharing the same experience with me. Not bad.

Cons: Cerritos sidewalks are meant for 1.5 people shoulder to shoulder. It was a tetris game trying to escape bushes and street poles. Eventually it the process smoothed over but I probably wouldn’t want to run side-by-side with someone in Cerritos again. Unless we head to the riverbed.

Beyond the novelty of the accompaniment, I’m honestly proud of myself. I’m not much of a goal-maker, which also makes not much of a goal-completer. And the few times I am a goal-maker, I’m usually a goal-failer. I know this all too well. Perhaps that’s the reason I’m not much of a goal-maker these days. But this time, I made a goal, adjusted as necessary, and completed it. I worked up to it, making sure I wasn’t cranking out 6 miles from scratch.

The whole goal thing – I like it. I can see it taking shape in other areas of my life – career, blog, freelance writing, reading books, travel, etc. 2016 will be a year of goals, short-term, long-term, mid-term, small, medium, large, extra large. Why not? I’ve already gotten my first taste.

Speaking of which, at about the 5.8 mark, I asked myself, can you do another 6 miles right now? And I just wanted to kick myself. Because I knew that was the next step. I heard myself answer, no, I can’t do it. And I wasn’t having that because, yes, I’m going to do it. I’ll set the date sometime later on, probably sometime in February. For now, I will continue to revel in the glory of my 6 miles and sore legs.

Merry Christmas Eve’s Eve!!



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