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It’s Christmas and I’ve stumbled upon my gift from the universe on Facebook in bed. This guy, Colin Wright, travels full-time and writes books. He writes books so he can sustain his travelling lifestyle. And I’m sure his world experiences have provided tons of content to create those books. It’s a pretty nice cycle he has there. I think what got to me the most was how he has found a way to create the lifestyle of his choice through books, through ideas.

And these aren’t huge novels on bestseller lists or sold in major book retailers. They’re sold as paperbooks and e-books via Amazon and other sites. He doesn’t have huge campaigns nor stashes of marketing material. He just… writes… then… he publishes… Lol. What an idea.

I like that. I like that it doesn’t have to be something monumental. All it needs is a start. And the only person that can do it: me. More than the whole write-books-to-travel concept (though that is hugely appealing to me), I am compelled more by the simple act of doing, initiating, making a first move – without worrying and thinking about the outcome. Just doing what’s normal and natural for me. Write, just write, Grace.

While at Barnes & Noble a couple days ago, I picked up the first book I saw: Poke the Box by Seth Godin. In this book, he pretty much separates people into two groups: those who initiate and those who don’t. Simple. Today’s economy thrives on one of the two.

I think the universe is trying to tell me something. Yes, I’m picking it up, becoming clearer… yes… it’s something along the lines of… get your ass moving.

Merry Christmas to me. And you.

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