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My reading for the day: Jed’s Christmas card to me.

This past Thanksgiving, my brother and I found ourselves wandering in Marshall’s due to our mom’s staunch determination to do some Black Friday shopping. Fun.

After spending about 20 minutes staked out at the drink-ware aisle discussing all the different types of tumblers and mugs we liked and why, we came across the stationery section. I found a notebook I really liked but wasn’t willing to pay for it to sit in my long queue of empty pages back at home. But, I did know someone who had been struggling with getting my Christmas gift. I didn’t want this person to struggle any longer, and being the benevolent human that I am, I offered my brother to buy this notebook for me. Now, I know my kindness was already far-reaching, but I wanted to give him a chance to really make it memorable. So I allowed him to purchase the notebook for me on the condition that he fill out the first page of the notebook as a letter to me, a Christmas card. I was feeling a little generous that day, to say the least.

On Christmas day, my brother presented to me in a recycled gift box this notebook and a couple other items which I appreciated but not enough to mention here. I peeked at the first page and, lo and behold, there were his scratchy pen marks. I didn’t have time to sit and decipher it at the moment (he has really bad handwriting), so I waited until I did. And man.

He had me cracking up audibly (at the library too lol) and smiling and going “aww…” and also, “wtf you ass”. He had filled up not only the first page, but 4.1! It took me 13 minutes longer to read it since I was mostly squinting at his chickenscratch writing. Anyway, here are a couple excerpts that I wanted to share that show how awesome I am and my relationship with this brother of mine:

  • You are my second mom, as weird [as] it is to me, you take some of mom’s responsibilities… Hell, I don’t even do that stuff unless I feel good and holy af.
  • … And best of all, YOU ENDED SCHOOL YAAAAAAY 😀 Sadly I’m still stuck in hell.
  • … I feel like we’re closer to each other than other siblings are and considering our age gap that’s like Luke Skywalker and Yoda heehee. I’m Luke, you’re Yoda, in case you were wondering.
  • That shit was more clutch than when Kobe scored 81. Long live Kobe’s greatness.
  • Everyday, wake up, and think, “I’m awesome.” Cause you really are.
  • Thank you for being my other, brighter side of life… Thanks for being the devil’s advocate even though I hate it… Thanks for being Grace.

Damn, he made me look so good. Hahaha. I know, I am totally glorifying myself but I think ultimately, I’m just proud to be his sister. I don’t know if he’s going to read this post but we really have come a long way and I was so surprised to see in his letter that he recognized that too. I thought I was the only one growing and changing but I think he knows that we both are. Hm. A little more intuitive than I thought, that one.

I can’t help but melt at the thought that even though I’m a monster to him most of the time, he’s cool about it. And he remembers the good stuff, the stuff that’s in this letter. So… kudos to me for being such a great sister. Hahaha. Just kidding. Kudos to God and the universe for this amazing younger brother to fight with, discuss life with, mature with (ha), and do life with. Couldn’t have asked for a better one. Except maybe one with better handwriting. Next year he’s doing this in Word.

Jed, thank you for being awesome.

And for those who know, really know, my history with Jed, miracles still happen lollll.

Happy Monday!

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