Today is the last day of 2015.

I woke up with my head feeling a little stuffy, not completely there. I forced myself to change into running gear and hit the road. As I stepped into stride, I felt… euphoria? Lol. At one point, I caught myself saying, this is the best day of the year. I laughed and said (to myself) that that’s a bold statement. But upon pondering further, I really think it is.

This day is the last of the year. It’s the day I can look back on all the other days, months within the same year and remember all its goodness, crappiness, and everything in between. I can look back and say, good job Grace, you done good. Lol. Yes, I like to encourage myself sometimes. Hahaha. Basically, I can look back from where I stand and see how far I’ve come.

And further, I can look forward to tomorrow because tomorrow marks the beginning of a better 2015. 2015 was awesome in its own respect and now 2016 awaits. A way better, crazier, amazinger 2016.

Honestly, in the end, it’s just another day. It just has a ton of symbolism attached to it. The sun rises and sets the same – nothing is really different. But it gives me a chance to break things up year by year, celebrate each year for what it is, and prepare for the next.

So, today is the best day of the year. And I’m about to spend time with the brother and dad. I don’t know what we’re going to do but being alive and with each other is more than enough.

Thanks 2015. 2016, hollaaaa!

Happy Thursday and New Year’s Eve!!

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