Yesterday I got to work early and, on a whim, decided to stop by the Starbucks in our building for some decaf goodness. I try not to consume caffeine but can’t stay away from the bitterness of coffee. Anyway, as I enter the food court area, this Asian lady with glasses runs – yes, she runs up to me. She carries three bags – a lunch bag, laptop bag, and purse and she’s dressed business casual. She holds up her index finger and says in accented broken English – do you have one dollar? I lost my money, just one dollar. I immediately think to myself, well you’re in luck, lady because I had four whopping bucks that I had swiped into my pocket just before leaving. I thought it was an emergency and she needed to make a phone call or something. I say – sure, here’s four, hope everything works out. I think I call out good luck to her as she rushes away.

I get in line at Starbucks behind another person and as I’m studying the menu (I don’t know why, since I only order black coffee lol), someone tries to cut the line and order a little out of breath and sounding crazily rushed – one multi- one mult- one multi-grain bagel. Guess who? Yeah, that lady that walked away with my four bucks 20 seconds ago.

I stare at her in wonder – what the heck? You asked a total stranger for money… for a bagel?? If I had only given you a dollar, would you have asked other strangers for the other two bucks?? So I stand there amused at the whole situation, watch her impatiently wait for the person at the counter to order and then orders her multi-grain bagel – cutting my place in line lol.

I then order my decaf and as I wait, she waits for her bagel too. She looks at the me, I look at her, I smile. I want to ask her how she’s doing – and can you give me my change from the bagel? Just kidding. But I want to talk to her. I forget who says something first, but she asks – are you Korean? – in Korean. Immediately I nod and respond in Korean – yes, I am. Hello. At that moment, her bagel comes out and then she rushes away at a pace two levels above powerwalking without another word or glance. Okay bye!

My order eventually is set on the counter for pickup, I grab it and leave. As I turn the corner to the table area, guess who’s right in my line of sight and path to the escalators? Lol. There she is, in all her glory, chilling at a booth, ready to take a bite of the bagel she just slathered cream cheese on, and looking at the person that unknowingly sponsored her breakfast.

We catch eyes – not hard to do, as we are the only people in the area. She smiles at me and looks like she wants to say something and I know I want to say something – like, who are you? Do you work in this building? Why did it seem like you had an emergency? Do you not know how to stand in line? Have you ever stood in line? But not in a mean way – the entire situation was just interesting. As I get closer, she smiles and nods, smiles and nods. I smile back at her and decide to pass her up. I have shit to get done and I don’t need to know what she’s about lol.

The moral of the story is: Life is interesting and I need to write stuff out to get it out of my system. That incident has been on the back of my mind for some reason yesterday and this morning, and I thought I’d get it off there and onto here.

LA, you are an interesting one.

Random thoughts: Also, this week has been crazy and I am so looking forward to the weekend. After getting this ish done. Been learning a lot lately. A lot. Which is good, even though it means going to bed at 10 so I can wake up at 4:30 to run or work out and beat traffic. It took me 25 minutes from driveway to parking lot. 25 minutes. If I leave anytime after 5:15, it would take me 40, and anytime after 5:45, an hour. I don’t know how long I can keep this up lol.

Happy Thursday!!

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