Things you learn when hosteling:

  1. Decipher how any type of shower head, faucet, and sink works.
  2. Dry and change in the space of 2×2 while making sure no body parts, towel parts, and clothes touch the walls.
  3. Not forgetting to bring your underwear to change into when hopping in the shower. I guess rushing around in a towel isn’t too bad either but it’s just not convenient.
  4. Hang my toiletry bag, towel, dirty clothes, and clean clothes strategically so nothing falls.
  5. Questions must be asked. No ones knows what I need but me. This is a general thing, I guess.
  6. Be comfortable alone. It’s okay to be alone while others are grouped and talking. It’s quite liberating to be able to be alone when the option to join others is available.
  7. Be flexible. No hostel is the same.

Just wanted to bang out a quick post before heading out. On the agenda today is getting black bean noodles delivered to the a park near the Han river, a dentist appointment, and a show. Nice.

Happy Monday!






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