Things learnt

  • T-Mobile will continue to receive my very loyal patronage. It’s no longer just about the cheaper cost but the legit-ness of its international versatility. You really cannot beat not spending one moment’s concern of purchasing SIM cards and wondering if i’ll be estranged from google maps and the rest of the world. sure, not all countries are included but it’s pulled through for all my traveling last year in Europe and this trip in Korea, Cambodia, and Thailand. and the data might not be the speediest but i learned to quietly bear it with gratitude.
  • I like traveling alone. I’m a lot more independent than i thought. i just really feel the whole doing what i want when i want the way i want where i want. as usual. plus it gives me a chance to meet new people in a different way. heading into a hostel by myself or with another person is a more open mindset regarding meeting and engaging with fellow hostelers.
  • i like traveling with people  – the right people. i’m all about being flexible and kind and inclusive with people but when i’m traveling, don’t mess around with people that aren’t on the same page. not that they’re bad, or that i’ve had a particular bad experience. in fact, it’s the other way around – my two weeks with Stephanie in Cambodia, Thailand, and Korea has been so damn pleasant, i can’t imagine doing it another way.
  • i really really really really like Korea food. i don’t care that i’ve had it every day here. i’m already thinking of food i want to eat back in the states.
  • there’s a good number of food ventures to be transported to the states. for one, korean street food outside clubs/bars for those late night drunchies (this one’s yours Steph hahaha). it’d add a little variety to the standard choice of dirty dogs. although you really can’t go wrong with those lol.
  • i realized i’d been so interested in exploring these countries, scouring the internet and shamelessly inquiring of anyone that seems remotely useful about the best things to do/foods to eat/places to go when… i live in an area that people research about thoroughly before visiting… hahah the irony. if you’re still not following, southern California is a pretty cool place to be, to say the least lol. LA, SD, OC, SB, SM, Hollywood, etc. We have the mountains, the beach, and alla that in between. it’s why e-mags like Thrillist are worth subscribing to. i had so easily dismissed their emails (think “Free things to do in LA for NYE”, “LA’s best thanksgiving sandwiches”, and “28 LA date ideas, by commitment” – these are real articles, I promise) forgetting the gold mine of discovery and micro-traveling that’s to be had in driving distance. Also, Supercompressor is a good source as well.

there is much more but i’m too hungry to try to conjure them from memory. for now, this will do.

happy Sunday and mother’s day!






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