I spent Monday through Thursday (today) in San Diego at a client. Driving back today, I felt a little overwhelmed with work and alla that stuff. I hadn’t run my 3 miles for the day according to my training plan. I got home around 8pm and wondered, sprawled on my floor in my running clothes, whether I really needed to run. I mean, one day out of 4 weeks isn’t that bad, right?

But I don’t know, something got me up. I knew I was going to sign back in later and do some more work and it would be frustrating to try to do work when I’m not taking care of things I want to, things for myself during off hours.

Anyway, I run and it feels so very good. And on the way back, about 40 seconds from my parking lot, as I cross the street, I see an overweight man in his 50’s in the corner of my eye. I’m in my rhythm and I don’t pay attention but I feel like he’s looking at me and saying something.

I glance at him and I realize he’s singing the first part of this song:

And then he heartily  belches out, “Eye of the tiger”and yells, “Go get’em girl!”

Can I just say – day made. Hahahaha. I yelled back, “Thanks!” and laughed as I ran the last 30 seconds. It happened in such an insignificant amount of time but it was lovely haha. Two random people literally crossing paths doing their own thing. He has no idea what my week, day, life is like. And nor I him. He doesn’t know anything about me and I know nothing about him. We didn’t share anything except 20 square feet in the middle of a road and exchanged not even ten words.

I’m glad I ran today.

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