I feel like a lot of my posts (all 2 or 3 of them) recently have been about running. Appropriately so, since I get a little more excited talking about running than I do about other things that take up most of my week, namely work. And to really drive that point home, this post is about something I learned from running.

You would think that the body parts you focus on the most when running are your legs or your lungs (breathing). It’s your legs that move you and your rhythmic breathing that keeps you from feeling like death.

After many years of running and really enjoying it, I’ve just now come to realize there’s something else that drives my runs – the arms.

Actually, I lied. I remember in high school track, my coaches would always tell us to use our arms to get us to the finish line. But back then, I was doing way shorter distances, like 100 or 400 meter, so I didn’t connect the arms to long distance running.

Recently, I’ve been running longer distances than ever before. As much as I loved cross country (ha), I had never run 12 miles and even a 9 mile run was an aspiration, not a been-there-done-that kinda thing. Given that I’m really trying to not die during my marathon in September, I find myself pushing myself to get through the distances set by my training plan.

At some point, or I should say, at many points during those runs, I find myself lacking the vigor and heart to keep going, to not be a loser haha. And I’ve found that, ironically, when I focus my energy on my arms, running gets easier and I’m able to overcome the ever-looming fatigue and sense of I-can’t-do-this and this-far-is-good-enough.

I find that very note-worthy because in order to get to a destination (or while running, to finish the damn thing), I am focusing and working on something that doesn’t initially seem like would get me to the finish line. The trick is just keep chugging away and pumping my arms (I avoided saying that as much as I could because it sounds lame but I failed lol) and letting that push my legs, which in turn moderates my breathing.

I like that. I like the idea that sometimes the answer, the thing you have to be doing right now to get to where you want to be, is not that apparent and it may not seem as relevant to what you think you should be doing to get to where you want to be. Initially, you don’t think it’s productive and sensible but only time will tell, won’t it? You just gotta do what you can to keep going, because at some point, the main point is to keep going. And eventually, when time is ready, when the universe is ready, when I’m ready things will begin to make more sense.

This says a lot about what’s going on in my heart and mind and life today – like maybe I don’t know where I am going or I have an idea but I’m not too sure how to get there, what I should be doing. It keeps my sanity to know sometimes the answer I’m looking for isn’t the answer.

Anyway. Time to get to work.

Happy happy Friday yo.

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