Four bags

On my flight home from Phoenix, I didn’t hear my group being called and ended up having to store my luggage at the very back. Another woman, about 30ish, also had to pack hers in the back. I noticed she’s beautiful and tall and confident and womanly. You could say I was checking her out haha. Anyway I finally got to my seat and saw we’re sharing the same row with another lady, about 55ish.

I got the window seat and the 30ish woman, let’s call her Daisy, had the aisle seat. The two ladies hit it off and started sharing about their lives and stuff. I eavesdropped the first 10 minutes and heard Daisy telling the older woman how one day she packed four bags and headed out to DC to start a new life. She had decided between New York and DC and settled on DC. She knew no one there

I was fixated on her story and wondered how successful I was in pretending my ears weren’t functioning. Eventually, I decided I’d rather fall asleep listening to a podcast than exist around a conversation I wasn’t a part of.

An hour later, we landed and the whole time they’d been talking. They totally clicked and in my mind, I thought about how different I am, how I probably would not click with them, and other passing thoughts.

The older lady grabbed her stuff and peaced out – she seemed like she was in a hurry. Daisy and I waited in our seats because our bags were way in the back and I didn’t feel the need to make it an ordeal and struggle to retrieve mine, and plus, it’s Friday. She turned and smiled because we’re in the same situation and there’s nothing to do but sit tight.

I figured I might as well – “Hey, I was totally eavesdropping on your conversation and I thought it was so cool that you packed your bags and headed to DC. Did you have a job for you out there?”

Her eyes widened and her face broke out into a smile and she said, “No, I didn’t, I had nothing. I was so broke when I got there – I was drinking muscle milk and eating salads everyday.”

I told her I feel like there’s so much unknown I want to explore, unknown that I feel is calling me sometimes. She said, “I honestly didn’t know why I chose DC. I just followed my intuition and that was that. And it was the best decision of my life. Sometimes you have to just follow it.”

We talked some more as people trickled out of the plane. Eventually she got up first to get her bag and as we crossed each other, she looked at me, smiled, and said, “Just follow it.”

I laughed and said I will.

She walked out and that was that. I will probably never see her again. And that’s fine. I just needed to hear that. Not sure what that means in the short term. But I feel like I’m collecting encounters like this. It’s good.

Anyway, here’s to random but significant encounters. Here’s to life and all its craziness and beauty. Here’s to decisions to be made, lines to be crossed, and destiny to be chased.

And here’s to Friday! Hahaha. It’s 10:02pm and I’m in bed because I’m trying to wake up early to run. Is this me being committed and responsible for once?? Hahah. It’s not a bad thing, I’ve found. It’s nice to be intentional about getting shit done.

Goodnight world.

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