each day i add to my yesterdays, the more i understand how important – no, that’s an understatement – how integral  planning is to life. or at least life the way i want to live it.

it determines my outlook, my approach, my execution, and my sense of accomplishment. without planning, none of these things exist. if i don’t plan, i don’t know what i think or even feel about something. i may have a sort of idea and inclination but until i sift through, make sense of, and put them in order, they’re just ideas and feelings and thoughts floating around in my head. once they trickle through the pipeline, i have an approach, and i think that’s what i’m learning at the age of 27 years old lol.

for example, i’ve been training for a marathon. i’ve consistently been hitting my mileage (except one weekend i went camping and one week i was sick). at the start of each week, i look at the training plan and look at my mileage for the upcoming saturday; saturdays are the big daddy runs.

the least i’ve run on a saturday is 8 miles and the most is 19 miles. in the past few weeks, the least has been no less than 13 miles. each week, it doesn’t matter how big or small the saturday number is – i’m thinking about it throughout the week. i’m thinking about my route, what time i’ll wake up, what time i’ll need to get to bed the night before to get the right amount of sleep so i can wake up at the desired time.

i learned that once i hit 8 miles, i get thirsty and find it very hard to resist stopping by a cvs in the middle of my run to chug a 12 oz gatorade and inhale a clif bar. obviously, that puts a wrench in my gears as i feel heavy and generally unhappy with my impulsive consumption and lack of self-control. so i bought gatorade beforehand and froze it in a smaller bottle so i can have a cold sip 6 miles or 10 miles in without dragging a huge container along. i also ordered energy gel to suck on every 6-7 miles so i’m not fatigued and end up walking the last 5 miles.

everything i do to prepare is an expression of my mindset – i’m going to run my big daddy runs and i’m going to own it. it doesn’t matter whether 13 or 19. i made a commitment and that’s it.

so when i get into my long long runs, i’m prepared. i know about how many hours it will take (or how long i want it to take haha) and my route. i’ve already let it settle in my mind and considered it done. when i’m on mile 12 of my run and the thought of cutting it short rises up, it’s an easy choice to brush it aside. and actually, it’s even more painful to cut it short because of all the preparation and grooming of my expectations for the past week. that planning and consciousness of executing the planning pays off in the moment of questioning.

i know i can’t wonder how i got to this point of my life anymore – i got here without much planning and, although i’m happy to be here, i know i want more and it’s going to require more conscientiousness and preparation. there’s no excuse, and time for that matter.

happy tuesday!

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