Double Space

I can spot a double space from a mile away. Especially when it’s after a period, because it’s a preference thing to do a single or double space after periods. Not happy about it, but fine.

I used to be a double spacer until one day someone asked me why? And I didn’t have an answer. And it made sense that a single space is enough to separate a period and the next sentence. I am now a single spacer. 
What’s really irritating is when one is inconsistent with the single/double spacing. I become a judger and I lose interest and respect for the person’s work. Because #1: can you pick a side? And #2.1: if your preference is single space, what’s up with the double space? And #2.2: if your preference is double space, why?

Lol. These are my thoughts as I work.

My exciting life!

Happy Tuesday!!!

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