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About two months ago, I had coffee with a friend, and then lunch with another friend, and I realized the major part of those two conversations were similar – the big picture and how we fit in it.

We all want to kick ass, to do, create, and be part of something great. That rhymed, by the way.

I believe that desire, or hunger, as it more appropriately feels, is a fundamental part of the human experience, whether we’re aware or not, want it or not. In the normal environment, the normal human being strives for, yearns for, and is willing to work for the greater, the higher, the better – the More, as I like to call it.

The More is everything and anything a person wants for himself.

Going back to those two conversations, and actually, every conversation I have with anyone for that matter, I realized we’re all in this together, together in this journey of discovering what the Big Picture is to us and how we manifest and perpetuate it in our lives. We’re all writing epics – but we’re all writing our own. And we’re all writing our own epics – but we’re all writing an epic. Not sure if that makes sense hahaha.

Basically, no matter the actual details of each story, we, as human beings, have a common ground in seeking truth, authenticity, and purpose in this lifetime allotted to us. Me included.

I took inventory of the people around me – and everyone I know is reaching for the More in their own way. Even those that feel they aren’t, just aren’t aware of it. And those that truly are complacent (i.e. 100% complacent and okay with the way things are today and with the possibility of it remaining til end of eternity)… well, I haven’t met a single person like that – yet. I still have 7 billion to go, I guess lol.

Anyway, I seek my truth and growth in books, podcasts, life encounters, my own meditation, etc. Anything goes – the world is ours, isn’t it? And sometimes I wonder, would the people around me that want the More, like I do, also be able to learn and grow from the things that are molding and teaching me? Would those two friends, in some way, be able to gain something from hearing another person’s perspective on lessons in life and her experiences? It seemed like not such an impossible thing haha.

And so the idea of sharing, of even creating a community, materialized in my mind. It started as a passing thought… that continued to pass by again and again… and again. On my down time, from driving to walking from the car to the office and back, to restroom breaks to right before falling asleep, I started putting this thing together. Or rather, it started putting itself together.

I began to wonder who I would reach out, who would even want this idea-sharing thing? What would I share? How often? Where would this go? Where can it go? What if I run out of things to talk about? What if I have too many things to talk about? What if everyone unsubscribes? What if everyone subscribes? What if…?

Some questions, I was able to answer, and some are still pending. But without a shade of doubt, I wanted to try this. Because why not? Email is free, I have amazing friends who would be down to read some of my stuff, even if to tell me it sucks, and, most of all, and this is the most selfish reason, at the end of the day, when all questions and curious doubts subside, this is the sphere I want to be in.

I want to be part of people’s journey in writing their epics by understanding themselves, questioning, meditating, churning ideas and thoughts, and discovering everything within, both good and “bad” – one day at a time. This is the one thing that doesn’t bore me, that doesn’t make me want to throw myself off a very high cliff when I think about doing it the rest of my life, that actually excites me to my very core.

So I’m starting a weekly email. It’s very simple – I pretty much laid it out above. It’s going to contain 1-3 bite-size things I’ve learned, had an epiphany about, gained from. They will be inspired by books, podcasts, magazine articles, personal experiences and encounters – pretty much anything that moves me toward the More. They will be about issues of the mind, body, heart, soul/spirit. And they will cover career, workplace, relationships (family and friend stuff included), health, and of course, personal development. Profanity may find its way in there, depending on how strongly I feel about something, and shit can get real at times.

I’m still thinking of a name to call this thing, something that has to do with being kickass and boss loll, but I want to see where it leads and figure out stuff as I go. If it goes straight into the ground, onto the next. If not, hell yeah.

Happy Monday.

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